Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trying to Write Again.

Hey everybody,

I've had a real bad case of writer's block lately. I've found myself getting stale. Even when I posted those stories on CYOC they took forever to write and I scrapped a bunch of stuff that I was unhappy with. Bear with me as I try to get back on the horse and write some quality content. The stuff I write in the meantime may not be my best quality work.

Thank you,


  1. Happens to everyone - thanks again for providing your work to the masses! =)

  2. Thanks for writing in general! I'm always so happy to read your stuff.

  3. Really happy to see you writing again - and your captions and your writings have always been good!! I always look forward to seeing your feed update! Keep pushing forward, and know you've got fans cheering you on!!

  4. You write really good dude. I'm glad to see you writting again, I do tf writting too and I know what it's like to have writers block. Just try to look for pics that spark some inspiration